Tournament Information

We are proud to announce “Tommy Mike’s” 4th annual Memorial Golf Tournament at Indian Tree Golf Course to be held on Saturday June 15, 2019!

Join us for a full 18 holes of golf (kegs provided on course), friendly competitions, yummy lunch, and fabulous prizes! Funds generated from this event will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Don’t miss your opportunity to play with all of Tom’s close family and friends and help create a memorable experience for all involved! We would be honored to have you sponsor a hole or provide any other contribution on behalf of Tom Bendel and the American Cancer Society.

Please consider sponsoring a hole in this unique charity golf tournament and receive these benefits:

  • Business name on hole signage at the golf event
  • Opportunity to provide a gift, coupon or other logo items to patrons of the golf event
  • Logo and link on website golf event page recognizing sponsorship
  • Have an extra FIVE raffle tickets entered into the Raffle drawing under your name (if participating in tournament)

My Father’s Story

Tom Bendel was a friend to many and respected by about everyone. He was the guy who always helped others when they needed it and, often, without them asking. He did everything the right way, even if it took longer because “If you’re not going to do something right, then don’t bother doing it!” To me, he was my Dad and my role model- he was everything a “Dad” should be and more: he tutored me in math when I struggled; he was the coach of my soccer team; he helped me file my taxes every year; he taught me everything one should know about tools and house repairs (I still know more than my husband!); he even brined his own pickles (the BEST pickles in the world, by the way!). He was just my favorite person in the world- which is why I’m writing this letter.

In spring of 2013, my dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer after multiple visits to various types of doctors rendered an explanation for pain he had been experiencing in his shoulder for months. It was quite a shock to my Mom, my Sister and I- my Dad goes to see the Doctor for shoulder pain and we find out he has lung cancer?! He was experiencing referred pain, which is not uncommon for Cancer Patients.

My dad underwent several types of treatment including chemotherapy, which, seemed to be working well for treating both his pain and his cancer. In Fall of 2014, my dad temporarily stopped chemo to undergo a procedure that wouldn’t allow for him to be on it during. Shortly after his procedure had been successfully completed, he attempted to restart his Chemotherapy; unfortunately, during the brief period of time he was off treatment, his cancer had spread to untreatable conditions. He was placed on hospice in December of 2014 and passed away March 7, 2015 at 52 years old.

My father was very passionate about many things: family, friends, golf and beer are a few he particularly enjoyed. We thought it suiting then, to combine these favorite past times of his and celebrate his life by hosting an annual golf tournament in his memory and to honor his passing by donating the proceeds from each tournament to the American Cancer Society. We would love for you to help celebrate him with us- any support you can share will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for listening to my Father’s Story.


Katie Torres (Bendel)